Loss of control: A broken wheel bearing hub can significantly impact your ability to control the vehicle. It can cause unpredictable steering behavior, making it challenging to navigate curves, turns, or sudden maneuvers. This loss of control increases the risk of accidents, especially at higher speeds or in emergency situations.


 Wheel detachment: If the wheel bearing hub is severely damaged or completely broken, there is a possibility that the wheel can detach from the vehicle while driving. This scenario is extremely hazardous as it can cause a sudden loss of stability and control, leading to a severe accident.


 Increased accident risk: The compromised handling and control resulting from a broken wheel bearing hub can increase the likelihood of collisions with other vehicles, obstacles, or pedestrians. The vehicle's braking performance may also be affected, further adding to the risk of accidents.


 Damage to other components: A broken wheel bearing hub can cause additional damage to surrounding components, such as the suspension system, braking system, and even the wheel itself. This can result in costly repairs and further compromise the safety and reliability of your vehicle.


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