• Pros: Strong value; gorgeous styling; good infotainment system; it's a fun-to-drive rear-drive sport coupe.
  • Cons: Subpar transmissions; tight interior with only two seats; compromised trunk

The Nissan Z is back and genuinely better than ever. It's packing more power, beautiful retro styling and pricing that makes it a solid value. This latest version of the sports car is not quite all-new, as it's based on the old 370Z. But it's heavily updated. The design of course is more retro than ever, with its nose inspired by the original 240Z and its the tail based on the early-1990s 300ZX. Also like the 300ZX, the new Z features a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 and either a manual or automatic transmission. It all comes together to deliver what you'd expect from a traditional, rear-drive sports car: a playful, fast driving experience that looks good.

Nissan keeps the line-up pretty simple, too. Besides the transmission options, you have a choice between a more basic Sport trim and a Performance trim that includes some additional handling and drivetrain goodies. Both come with the same V6, which means that the base model is quite appealing compared to its closest rival, the Toyota Supra. The higher trim level closes the price gap and can make that decision much closer, since the Supra does have a more modern and capable chassis, plus a sweet BMW engine (and the option of a manual transmission for 2023). But in either guise, the Z has a lot to offer the driving enthusiast.

  • What's new for 2023?
  • What are the Nissan Z interior and in-car technology like?
  • How big is the Z?
  • What are the Z fuel economy and performance specs?
  • What's the Z like to drive?
  • What is the 2023 Z price?
  • What are the safety ratings and driver assistance features?

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